X Alpha 45 45

€ 8.599,-

High-power 800W motor for even faster to 45 km/h. Now with adjustable stem, indicators and Ergon saddle. Durable and reliable Pinion C12 gearbox in combination with the low-maintenance Gates drive belt.


The award-winning Klever e-bike. For every bike lover. Our classic X-series is always the right fit, in every sense.

X Pinion 45 45

€ 7.599,

High-power 600W motor for real 45km/h speed, durable and reliable Pinion C12 gearbox, practical, low-maintenance Gates drive belt, see more in the dark with high/low beam front light, extra comfort from the RockShox front suspension.

X Speed 45

€ 5.999,

High-power 600W motor for real 45km/h speed and great range with 850Wh battery, extra comfort due to RockShox suspension, dual-piston calipers and brake lights for safer stopping, powerful high/low beam front light to see more in the dark.

X Speed Pure 45

€ 4.999,

High-power 600W motor for 45km/h speed, RexROC rigid front fork for more feeling with the road, Magura MT4e brakes, rear brake light for extra safety. Additional charging on the road through regenerative coasting and braking.

X Power 25

€ 3.999,

500W motor limited to 250W for more torque uphill in every gear, hydraulic disc brakes (180mm), regenerative coasting and braking. Upgradeable battery possible up to 850Wh, built-in alarm and motor lock. Extra safety from the rear brake light.

X Comfort 25

€ 3.699,

350W motor limited to 250W for a more powerful ride, 2.5 display + optional USB input. Front suspension, comfort handlebars, hydraulic disc brakes (180mm), battery upgrade possible up to 850Wh, extra safety from the rear brake light.

  • The power e-bike, for real 45km/h
  • Fully equipped with the latest safety technology
  • Less time on the road, but much more riding pleasure
  • Long-range, long-life Klever battery


We believe the best riding experience should go hand in hand with the best ownership experience. We’ll do everything within our power to get you back on the road as soon as possible in the event of a problem. We have to, because we make e-bikes for daily use. For daily commuting. For people who rely on their e-bike as their main form of transportation, both for work and for their family.