We all want to reduce our carbon footprint. But it turns out to be not that easy to implement a green life quickly. In most cases, making a start makes us feel good – for example, taking more journeys by bike instead of by car.

The COVID crisis has taught us that we can improve our efficiency and well-being by adopting new technologies early. Working smarter and communicating via conference calls are a step in that direction.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go when it comes to mobility in and around our cities. Klever is determined to contribute to all commuting trips up to 50km one way. We started this about 10 years ago by expressing the ambition of “making commuting your favourite time of the day”. And that’s what we started developing products for.

“Light electric vehicles” – the car alternative. Bikes with powerful, reliable motors, durable batteries, and high-quality brakes and lights. Bikes that ride beautifully and make it easy to choose this commuter transport option.

So get involved, reduce your carbon footprint and cycle if the weather permits.


Klever Mobility is a subsidiary of Kymco. With more than 50 years of experience in the scooter and motorcycle industry, of which the past 25 have also focused on electric mobility, Kymco has built a reputation that is characterized by reliability. This reliability, coupled with excellent quality, has been central to Klever Mobility’s ambition since our foundation in 2011. Our aim is to provide the best possible driving experience and to provide our customers with the best possible service.



POWER: The most powerful motor for REAL 45km/h speeds

SAFETY: Safety together with power are at the heart of our product

RELIABILITY: Making commuting your favourite time of the day, keeping you going, every day, for years to come

SUSTAINABILITY: Inspire people around you to rethink their current daily commute






Would you like to try out a Klever e-bike or speed pedelec yourself and discover the unique Klever riding experience?

Take a free and non-binding test ride on any Klever model of your choice at a Klever dealer proximate to you.

During the test ride you can extensively test the Klever e-bike or speed pedelec. The Klever dealer will also provide you with all the information and details about the bike and they will be happy to give you tailored advice.

Request a test ride by filling in the form and one of our representative dealers most approximate to your location will contact you to schedule the test ride.

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